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Everything an Author Needs to Sell More Books on Amazon

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Amazon sells nearly 50% of ALL print books
and over 70% of ALL e-books in America.

If you don't know how to sell books on Amazon,
well're kinda screwed. Learn how to take control and sell books where it matters the most.

MASTERING AMAZON FOR AUTHORS will show you how to:

  • Convert more sales when readers see your book on Amazon
  • Secure more customer reviews that persuade readers to buy
  • Self-publish e-books and paperbacks for free with Amazon KDP
  • Buy affordable advertising that drive readers to your books
  • Get on a Top 100 List and let Amazon do the marketing for you
  • Build your author email list using Amazon's huge audience

And most importantly: Sell more books on Amazon!


"Mastering Amazon for Authors is a wonderful course. It contains a wealth of information, which saved me time, thereby allowing me more time to write."
Ron O.

“The Mastering Amazon for Authors course was fantastic. I learned a lot from the videos and live demos of Amazon's marketing tools. The ability to ask Rob questions also added value.”
Lillian K.

“I recently completed Mastering Amazon for Authors. As a first time novelist, I was surprised to discover that marketing was a skillset as important to my success as good writing. Not having any idea where to start, I learned many valuable skills from Rob's video course. I have a lot more confidence now when it comes to marketing!”
Maggie F.

“Mastering Amazon for Authors was highly relevant. Thank you, Rob, for answering all my questions.”
Rod C.

“Mastering Amazon for Authors is detailed and well-organized. It's easy to zero in on the topics that interest you the most.”
Ann O.

“Learning how to create Amazon ads presents a unique opportunity to promote your books for minimal cost. I believe every author should use them.”
Monte K.

"I found Mastering Amazon for Authors to be extremely detailed and enlightening. Rob Eagar covered all of the pertinent topics of publishing on Amazon that I otherwise would have never known by searching around myself."
Betsy N.

“Rob Eagar's course is truly comprehensive with separate sessions on every aspect of working with Amazon to an author's benefit. I urge you to invest in Mastering Amazon for Authors, you will reap years of increased book sales!”
Andy R.

“I recommend Mastering Amazon for Authors. Rob Eagar’s straight-forward personality, combined with a well-structured, user-friendly format, allowed me get over my fears about self-publishing and make it a simple, approachable to-do list.”
Nancy G.

“I LOVED this course! The wealth of information from the videos was beyond my expectations. And, getting Rob’s answers to my questions was equally informative.”
Michael P.

Frequently Asked Questions

But, what if I've never taken an online course?
No sweat. You can do it. This online course features 20 video sessions that are 15 - 35 minutes each. You watch each video at your own pace as your schedule allows. In addition, the videos can be accessed by any computer, smartphone, or tablet device as long as you have internet access. Plus, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.
But, how long do I get to watch the course videos?
You get ONE YEAR from the date you purchase to watch the videos and ask Rob questions. So, there is plenty of time. If you can't watch the videos within a year, then you - my friend - may need some help with your time management skills.
But, what if I'm a first-time author? Is this course over my head?
Welcome to the world of publishing - which is currently controlled by Amazon. I was once a first-time author, so I understand how you feel writing your first book. I've made sure to present all of the instruction in a manner that any beginner can digest and apply. Since you're a first-time author, get ready - because you're about to run the gauntlet of Amazon. I want to help make sure your first book has the best chance to succeed. And, I'm so confident you'll love this course that I included a 30-day money-back guarantee. The least you can do is give it a try - risk free!
But, what if I'm in the middle of writing my manuscript?
You STILL NEED to take this course. Here's why: If you’re busy working on a manuscript that you plan to publish soon, you need to make sure your book will sell when you launch it. Otherwise, all of your work writing the book will be wasted. When you buy the course, you receive access to all of the world-class instruction for ONE YEAR. Thus, you can finish your manuscript and watch the videos to ensure a successful launch on Amazon. But, if you don't purchase the course before registration closes, then you miss the essential marketing instruction and risk jeopardizing your book launch.
But, what if I have questions while going through the course material?
Don't worry - you are never alone during this course. You receive open access to email me questions for a year and get quick answers - usually within 24 hours.
Can publishers or literary agents buy this course to use with their staff or authors?
No, this course is only available to individual authors for personal use. If you are a publishing house or literary agency who would like to use this material with your staff or authors, please contact Rob Eagar to purchase a multi-use license.

Meet Your Expert Instructor - Rob Eagar

“I recommend Rob Eagar to any author looking to take their book campaign to a higher level.”

- Dr. Gary Chapman
#1 New York Times bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages

"I give Rob Eagar my highest recommendation. If you want to increase your book sales, make him the first person you hire.”

- Lysa TerKeurst, 5-time New York Times bestselling author

“Working with Rob Eagar was a transformation about how the marketing and publishing world operates. Wish we’d known Rob years ago!”

- Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D.
New York Times bestselling authors of Getting the Love You Want

Learn from one of the most accomplished book marketing experts in America.

Hi, I'm Rob Eagar. For the past 15 years, I’ve coached over 1,000 authors and helped both fiction and nonfiction books hit The New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list.

However, my entry into the publishing world wasn't easy. I decided to become an author and self-publish a book after quitting my boring corporate job. At the time, my friends and family thought I was crazy. I had no other source of income, no publisher connections, and self-publishing was considered second-class literature. But, little by little, I overcame the odds and learned how to build a national audience. I went on to sell thousands of books and make a six-figure living from my writing.

Soon afterwards, other authors started asking me for marketing advice. In 2007, I launched a consulting practice called Wildfire Marketing and business has grown every year since. Today, I routinely work with authors who’ve made The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

Of course, hitting the world’s top bestseller lists is an amazing accomplishment. But, it doesn’t mean an author has sold a lot of books. Bestseller lists only measure short-term sales. In my experience, there is one factor that determines an author’s long-term success - selling books on Amazon.

As of today, Amazon sells nearly 50% of all print books and over 70% of all e-books in the U.S. Their dominance continues to grow as competitors, such as Barnes & Noble, continue to struggle. Put simply, if you don't know how to sell to readers on Amazon, then your book sales will suffer.

That's why I created Mastering Amazon for Authors. I want to help you sell more books where millions of readers shop every single day. I've already helped hundreds of authors increase their book sales on Amazon. I'd love to help you do the same!


  • Display persuasive text that converts shoppers into buyers
  • Get more customer reviews for free
  • Self-publish high-quality e-books and paperbacks for free
  • Create Amazon ads that drive the perfect readers to your books
  • Build your author email list using Amazon's audience for free

Mastering Amazon for Authors explains how to attract more readers, self-publish new books, and consistently generates sales.



Enjoy these time-saving cheat sheets, email scripts, and checklists:

HTML Code Cheat Sheet: How to Make Your Book Look Sharp on Amazon
Launch Team Email Scripts to Get More Amazon Reviews
Amazon Bait Book Checklist
Resource Links to Publish Paperbacks with Amazon KDP
Amazon Ads Advanced Bidding Options Guide
Amazon Ad Terms Glossary & Guidelines


Everything You Need to Publish and Sell More Books on Amazon



Try the material for 30 days. If you're not satisfied, request a full refund. There is no risk to you. The only risk is not buying the course and missing out on all of the amazing material.


This self-guided course is designed to go at your own pace. Watch the video sessions as your schedule allows. Register now and start learning in minutes, or gain access to watch the videos at a later time when you have availability.


Mastering Amazon for Authors can be viewed on any device with Internet access, including your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Watch at home, at work, or while traveling for one year!


All sessions in this course feature a high-quality video tutorial. Plus, several sessions include bonus content that you can download, including swipe files, email scripts, and checklists.


When you purchase the course, you receive open access to ask Rob questions by email. Get a rapid answer in less than 24 hours.

Fully Updated for 2024!

Course includes all of the latest information to sell books on Amazon:

How to create Amazon Attribution Tags
How to buy Sponsored Brand Ads
How to use Negative
Keyword Targeting

New updates for using Amazon KDP Self-Publishing

Inside look at the new Amazon Author Central

Time-saving downloads and cheat sheets:
Amazon Ad Terms Glossary & Guidelines
HTML Code Cheat Sheet: How to make your book look sharp on Amazon
Amazon Ads Advanced Bidding Options Guide
Email swipe files to get more Amazon customer reviews

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